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Welcome to Van Eck Law

We strive at all times to demonstrate that working with Van Eck Law is a “value added” investment. The time, effort, and resources are well spent. Our focus is obtaining, maintaining and protecting our client’s best interests.

Van Eck Law works with businesses and individuals throughout the United States of America and would like to meet with you to determine if it can provide you the legal services benefit that you need. Review the information contained in this website and contact Van Eck Law for an in-person, telephone, or online web interview to see if Van Eck Law is a good solution for your legal needs.

Van Eck Law has over 20 years in the real estate arena. It represents a large amount of commercial and residential developers, commercial apartment complexes, public housing agencies, land banks, residential landlords, farmers and homeowners. It is often a speaker for the Rental Owner’s Property Association and training seminars for property managers.

The focus of each business is business. The focus of the business is not compliance with legal requirements, legal disputes, or enforcing legal rights. Van Eck Law recognizes that a business needs a strategic partner that helps its clients drive for success. While success may be different for each client, Van Eck Law’s job is to promote the drive toward success and not detract from it. From formation of a business to the exit of the business, Van Eck Law has over 20 years of experience representing the needs of businesses.

Van Eck Law is a law firm that has represented businesses and individuals in business and personal tax issues, tax disputes, tax strategies, tax analysis, successor tax liability, and various other tax issues.

Van Eck Law has over 20 years of experience in enforcing rights and defending claims in litigation, arbitration and mediation. The key is to focus on the client’s needs, industry characteristics, strong knowledge base, and a strong attention to thorough and detailed representation. Van Eck Law has extensive experience in the following courts:

•  Federal Trial Courts (bankruptcy and district court)
•  State Trial Courts (district and circuit)
•  Administrative Law Courts
•  Appellate Courts (Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court)

Van Eck Law welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

Van Eck Law is a law firm that has prepared and administered hundreds of estate plans. From the simplest of plans to complicated numerous asset tax focused plans. The key to estate planning is to find the easiest mechanism and plan that meets a client’s objectives. With the extensive experience in business, real estate, tax, and wealth management, Van Eck Law has acquired the experience to know what will obtain the best results for a client’s objectives.

Van Eck Law publishes this website to permit persons a method to review it. It is not intended to be 'legal advice.' Every legal question is dependent upon the facts of the specific situation and a generalization can cause a business or person harm. The information in this website should not be acted upon without a full review by an appropriate professional.

The information contained in this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. Van Eck Law binds itself to an attorney-client relationship through a written contract defining the scope of work. However, information provided to Van Eck Law in initial contacts is protected by attorney-client privilege.

As each state has authority to develop its own laws for many areas of law, it is important that each business or person review the applicable state’s laws before acting or failing to act. The information contained herein is based upon Michigan law.

While this site contains a variety of links to other information sources on the Internet, we cannot and do not endorse or recommend any of those sources or review the accuracy of any information available there. We make no representations or warranties as to any information available through those websites. Contact us with questions regarding your legal rights and the legal services we provide. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our attorneys.

Wealth Management is often times understood to be strictly a financial services description. However, wealth management encompasses a lot more than just financial services. Wealth management includes the all-encompassing review and advising on all of a client’s assets and businesses. It includes decisions on how to best own an asset, plan for the asset, to provide an organized understanding and structure of assets. It provides for succession planning and exit planning. It provides for liability protection and structure. It is the height of the legal and financial services professional assistance. It is a focus on making sure that a client is properly structured for present and future success and protection.

Attorney W. Todd Van Eck is uniquely positioned and qualified to provide common sense, practical, wealth management services. He is a registered investment advisor (series 7 and 66); he has earned a Masters of Law in Taxation from Thomas Cooley Law School; he is a real estate broker; he is an adjunct profession in taxation at Thomas Cooley Law School; he speaks as an expert in various contexts; and his Bachelor of Science degree is in Accounting, Finance and Economics. Where a client needs an area of expertise outside of what is provided by Van Eck Law, Van Eck Law has strong relationships with numerous professionals in a number of industries where the appropriate expertise can be obtained.