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To provide high-level client-focused legal services to obtain, maintain, and protect the client's best interest.

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The Law and Our Philosophy. The arena of law is a very complicated minefield of requirements and restrictions that are always changing. It is an arena where knowledge, planning, and execution cannot fail. Because of the incredible importance that an attorney has on the business and life of a client, the attorney must be ingrained with the correct philosophy and attitude toward a client and a client's matter.

To achieve the appropriate results, a client and the attorney must address three elements: First, they each must look forward in anticipation of potential issues. Second, they must work in the present to avoid problems. Third, they must work diligently to secure and defend the past. The concept of "obtaining", "maintaining", and "protecting" the client's best interest recognizes that all three phases of a client's best interest are essential to the success of a client. The failure of any one element could prove to be detrimental or destructive to the client.

To properly "obtain", "maintain", and "protect" the best interest of a client, the attorney must have certain characteristics. The attorney must have superior knowledge, must be experienced in the field of operation, must be client-focused, and must have the tenacity and endurance needed to protect the client. While representing our clients, it is a requirement of Van Eck Law to facilitate the knowledge, experience, focus, tenacity and endurance to secure the client's best interests. At Van Eck Law, our complete dedication is in meeting the priorities and legal needs of our clients.
W. Todd Van Eck. Todd is the founder and shareholder of Van Eck Law, P.C. He focuses primarily on assisting small to medium size businesses in both transactional and litigation matters throughout a number of different industry sectors. For individuals, Todd focuses his practice on estate planning, asset/wealth management, and litigation.

In college, Todd obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Accounting, and Finance. He obtained a Juris Doctorate and an LL.M. (Masters of Taxation) from Thomas Cooley Law School. He is also a licensed real estate broker, securities representative (Series 7 FINRA and Series 66 State of Michigan), Health and Life Insurance Licenses (Michigan), and title insurance licensed.

In his duties as a transaction attorney, Todd has worked in a number of different industry sectors in structuring entities and capital investment, contract formation, management/employment issues, vendor relationships, growth strategies, insolvency, exit planning, and bankruptcy.

As a litigation attorney, Todd has handled numerous jury and bench trials, actions in district courts, circuit courts, federal trial courts, bankruptcy courts, regulatory courts, courts of appeal, and the Michigan Supreme Court.

Consistent with the focus of his practice, Todd is a member of the Business Law Section, the Real Estate Law Section, the Taxation Section, and the Estate Planning Section of the Michigan Bar Association. He is the past president of the Ionia/Montcalm Bar Association and the Chamber of Commerce. He is presently a voting director and non-voting advisor to numerous boards of directors including for-profit and tax-exempt entities. He has been a guest speaker on a number of subjects including estate planning, insurance issues, and real estate development issues.

Estate Planning / Estate Administration / Trust Management

The area of estate planning, estate administration, and trust management is the culmination of all other areas of the law. It is where a client compiles and plans for personal assets and debts.

Some planning and administration is simple while other is more complex including long-term planning and implementation/execution of the plan. The key is to focus on the needs of the client. There is no one-stop plan that fits all clients.

Whether your estate planning, estate administration, or trust management is simple or more complex, contact Van Eck Law to discuss your options and if Van Eck Law would be a good source for your estate planning, estate administration, and trust management needs.

Tax Planning. The Michigan and Federal Tax Codes are a complex network of financial and reporting requirements wherein a failure to perform results in tremendous penalties. The failure to understand and plan for numerous tax issues will result in penalties and can result in destruction of a business.

Van Eck Law represents numerous businesses and people in state and federal tax matters which include:

1. Personal and Sole Proprietor Tax Planning and Return Preparation.
2. Subchapter S Corporation Tax Planning and Return Preparation.
3. C Corporation Tax Planning and Return Preparation.
4. Limited Liability Company Tax Planning and Return Preparation.
5. Real Estate Tax Disputes including Valuation Disputes.
6. Employment Tax "Responsible Party" disputes.

At Van Eck Law, our tax attorneys have achieved a Master of Laws degree in taxation (LL.M.) We provide clients with tax services and representation in all types of tax preparation, tax reporting, tax planning, transactional tax planning and tax controversies. Our clients include public corporations, closely held companies, partnerships, limited liability companies, tax-exempt organizations, municipalities, trusts, estates, and bank and real estate investment trusts.

The firm's tax attorneys have experience in structuring complex business, finance, real estate, and other transactions. They also have experience in consulting in other practice areas, providing counsel and opinions regarding the tax consequences in a number of different situations where one may not think about the tax implications involved; including, divorce, estate planning, real estate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, other business combinations and divisions, and debt modifications.
Litigation & Trial. Litigation is the court process whereby two or more parties have a dispute that needs to be resolved by a third party. Although the third party is typically a court, it can also be litigated through arbitration or mediation.

Van Eck Law litigates personal and business matters for its clients in every level of court in Michigan. Its attorneys have litigated extensively and successfully in the state district and circuit trial courts, administrative courts, appellate courts (including the Michigan Supreme Court) together with federal district courts, federal bankruptcy courts, federal administrative courts and federal appellate courts. The litigation work includes every aspect of litigation from the investigation and commencement of a matter to the trial and appeal of a matter.

Capitalization & Insolvency Planning. There is little question that the need for capital is one of the biggest hurdles in business. Without the ability to properly capitalize a company, the company is doomed to fail. However, with each appropriate company capitalization, it is a result of proper planning and structure.

The attorneys at Van Eck Law have extensive experience in structuring, negotiating, and documenting all types of complex financing transactions. We are able to combine sophisticated commercial finance and lending experience with a strong familiarity with contract, tax, and industry-specific law. We are always focused on cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the services we provide, which include:

1. Fund formation, management, and operation
2. Financial structuring with transactional details
3. Business finance, including:
    • Asset-based finance
    • Equipment leasing
    • General commercial/corporate finance
    • Real estate lending
4. Lender liability litigation, prevention, and defense
5. Consumer-protection transactions

Unfortunately, despite the best plans and the best efforts, there are times when companies have financial problems. From a short-term cash-flow problem to a long-term systemic market problem, the need for insolvency planning and effective action is essential.

There cannot be business reward without true risk. At Van Eck Law, our attorneys recognize that with risk there is a potential for failure. To ignore such potential (or to operate without its consideration) is a significant error. Van Eck Law is knowledgeable in bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring. It represents clients in a broad range of commercial litigation and transactional matters, creditors' rights, bankruptcy, restructuring, and reorganization.
Business & Corporate. Any person who has owned or managed a business can attest that the following quotes hold true, regardless of the type of business:

“And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it insures the survival of the fittest in every department.” - Andrew Carnegie

“Business, more than any other occupation. is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.” - Henry R. Luce

“By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” - Robert Frost

Van Eck Law represents numerous small to medium size businesses. The industry sectors within which Van Eck Law practices include: Real Estate, Manufacturing, Investment, Finance, Service, and Technology. The areas include each of the following:

1. Litigation.
2. Project/Formation Management and Feasibility Studies.
3. Start-Up.
4. Finance/Investment.
5. Management.
6. Employment.
7. Collection and Defense of Collection of Accounts and Enforcement of Contracts.
8. Succession Planning.
9. Transaction (contract, business sale/merger, and investment).
10. Due Diligence Preparation.
11. Dissolution/Insolvency Management.
12. Bankruptcy.

The truth about business is that to be competitive, the business must be fit. It must function and operate at a level where efficient and effective use of resources is the company culture. However, as every business person will also attest, it is an impossible goal that a business can never quit chasing.

As with every resource of a business. the legal and business advisors must be efficient and effective. The money invested in legal and business advisors must provide a return. Van Eck Law is focused on providing business with a service that creates value.

Van Eck Law is a team of experienced attorneys focused on adding value to each client's business. Van Eck Law has a track record of success in a broad spectrum of business matters, including mergers and acquisitions, finance, governance, structuring, spin-off, split-offs, and other value-oriented actions.

At Van Eck Law we also recognize that start-ups and closely held businesses have the same need for high-level legal advice as do publicly traded and large companies. Our goal to all of our business clients is to focus on helping our clients minimize costs, enhance value and properly position themselves for the future.
Family Law. Van Eck Law represents numerous clients in the arena of family law.

The areas regularly handled include the following:

1. Marriage Planning (pre-nuptials).
2. Adoption/Guardianship.
3. Marriage Dissolution.
4. Property Settlements.
5. Child Custody/Support/Parenting Time.
6. Divorce.
7. Post-Judgment Divorce Litigation.
8. Appeals.

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and Capital Planning

Financial planning and capital planning are each an essential requirement of every person and business.
Van Eck Law recommends financial and capital planning through Trimark Capital Advisors.

You may email Trimark Capital Advisors here.

Please note that Van Eck Law and Trimark Capital Advisors are separate legal entities performing services under the authority and licensing of their respective industries.

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